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tv   House Debate on Affordable Care Act Replacement  CSPAN  March 23, 2017 12:23pm-1:32pm EDT

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other things. we have to work to improve ideas, not get rid of them, because every new idea that's sfwrow -- introduced is going to have a problem. and we cannot get rid of a husband because he's not perfect or a wife because she's not perfect or because we aren't a perfect parent. we as human beings have to strive and work to become better. host: mabel, appreciate that wisdom from wisconsin. more of your calls ahead. we're hoping for some house debate later on today. she mentioned a previous -- previous caller mentioned president obama's signing from seven years ago today. you can find that on our website at we'll keep you posted on the latest schedule changes as things progress. we are going to take you back now to this morning on the house floor as the chair and the ranking member on -- one of the members on the rules committee debated the rule, the
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same-day rule. this is from this morning here on c-span. the speer ptempor entleman irecognized. mrss: thk y mu mrker,astigh-- yester, the rcomme met r so 1 hoube little bit m, where wwere ft fro the repcan t erceew bl tt e thefable care act that diussiolved us kingesmony from t comi kev brad ys mns airmanf thenergy and omrce cmiee, greg walden, and thitte airmn budget, mk. also volvedhre othe rankinmes r those. they they assembled up in the rules committee. we had a very vigorous and open debate about the bill, about the effects of the bill and
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about the things which were occurring within the republican majority dealing with the united states senate, dealing with the president of the united states. all three are necessary to agree upon a bill if we are to sign it into law. there was a vigorous demand from democrats to know more information, and i believe i forthrightly attempted to answer those questions. we did not have all the pieces of the puzzle together. we recognized that by the evening hour. and so about 11:00 last night upon my consultation with the gentleman, the ranking member, mr. mcgovern, i made a decision that we would not stay up uring the evening. we would ask that we would come back today, so we did not actually complete our work last night.
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i am here today because last night the rules committee issued a rule, a rule that would be a same-day rule. the issues really don't change. information is necessary for us decision. informed that is a change. i told the gentleman, mr. mcgovern, i told the gentlewoman, former speaker, the leader of the democratic party, ms. pelosi, nancy pelosi, mr. hoyer. i told mr. hoyer in a direct dialogue we had that i would do my best to make sure we answer the questions that will be necessary. the gentleman, mr. mcgovern, who very ably represents his party, understood that i did not have all the answers that i needed here today with the opportunity to tell you we are going to do a same-day rule. we are going to try and pass this rule. we are going to try and explain
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what we're doing. we are going to allow my team, our republican conference, to get back together today because they, too, want to know what is the final deal. that is what my conference is doing right now. they are in this building, several hundred members of congress, talking, debating, understanding, listening, compromising. yes. on a way that we can approach a chance to change what we see as one of the most devastating pieces of legislation to the economy, to the health care system and quite honestly to the standing of america as the greatest country in the world. we think we have to make changes. but today we are here right now
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to say, i don't have all those answers. a complete agreement was not available by the time i chose to end the matter last night in rules. and so rather than staying up all night, we are here today. we will be back here today. this is not the debate about the bill. more information is needed. an agreement is needed from my party. when we reach that agreement, i will then come back. but make no mistake about it, mr. speaker, my party intends to bring forth an agreed-to bill that we will be able to show to the american people and we will own it. we're very capable of saying that we believe that market forces, we believe that free right of individuals, we believe that free physicians
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and opportunities exist and abound and we will bring that to the floor and we will openly debate it. much is being said about a congressional budget office report that has caused much fear. unrightly? no, i can't say that. but it is certainly explainable. and mr. speaker, i'll start right now. the bottom line is that there are some 30 million people who are uninsured in the united states of america. 30 million people who did not ind a home or chose not to take a government-provided available system that is called the affordable care act. even more people included in that -- within that are paying penalty of several thousand
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dollars rather than taking that health care system, that availability. and so we believe the right thing to do is not to force anybody, not to have mandates, not to penalize people but rather to make available to them opportunities where it's their decision about what they would do. the corresponding facts of the ase are real simple. the congressional budget office said, fine, if you don't force people to do it, then some 24 million people won't do it within the next seven years. well, there are 30 million people today that do not have it and not take it, so to go from 30 million to 24 million will be a very interesting task for us to understand. mr. speaker, no freedom is
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ree, but if we engage in telling the american people that washington, d.c., knows better than they do, then that s a false promise. it's a false promise that our friends, the democrats, tried and actually failed at. so republicans, in order to put together their plan -- yes, even with the consequences of a, quote, c.b.o. report that says there will be 24 million people who are uninsured -- hat's probably right because they chose not to accept what would be an equal opportunity for them to take what might be alled a tax credit that equals some $8,000 for a family of four, allowing them straight up to purchase their own health
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care for their family. but if they choose not to do it, that's their business. mr. speaker, one of my ttributes is i come from dallas, texas, and dallas, texas, for all the great things that we have about us we think that some of the great things comes from the way we believe. we deeply believe we're in some ways a very open city. we have many different thought cy process,a pple, bu tryand tell eh otherhato do. vonbout oself where when w processes, many people, but we respect each other and don't try and tell each other what to do. and it creates a flourishing environment about ourself where when we get in trouble we stick together. when we see trouble, we band together but we tend not to tell each other what to do in our own lives.
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and that is one thing that i think makes us a little bit different. we do not count on government to do the things that we should do for ourself. and that is part of the freedom model that i buy off on and part of what we are offering, the republican party, today for the american people rather than mandates, dictates, fines, the i.r.s., and all sorts of other government organizations that we could throw in a person's way simply to tell them what to do. we reject that notion and we will, as quickly as possible, bring about a bill that we can explain, that we will own, and that we will pass. mr. speaker, i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time is reserved. the gentleman from
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massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: well, thank you, mr. speaker. and i want to thank the gentleman from texas, my friend, mr. sessions, for yielding me the customary 30 minutes, and i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks and i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized. mr. mcgovern: mr. speaker, we aren't here to debate the republican health care repeal plan. we aren't here to debate that because republican leadership and the white house are huddled behind closed doors as we speak making deals that will have very real, very serious, very dangerous consequences for millions and millions and millions of americans. instead, we're here to debate a martial law rule that will allow republicans to rush their bill with the brand new back room deals to the floor today without any proper deliberation. as a matter of fact, it would let them rush any bill to the floor today or any day through monday. it's a blanket martial law rule
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that lasts past the weekend, not specific to their health care bill and not even specific to the topic of health care. what other bills could they be contemplating considering? we saw the buffalo bribe is already in the manager's amendment, but this rule lets them bring up any other bill before the public has a chance to even know what it is. maybe something under the russian investigation, perhaps. i've seen a lot of news on that lately. or maybe we'll give president trump friend's putin a congressional medal. it's the least the republicans could do after with his help in the election. we saw news last night that republicans were considering changes to the bill that would kill the essential health benefits in current law. now, let me say that again. essential as in absolutely necessary, extremely important, as defined by the dictionary. and sure enough, we reported out this martial law rule in
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the dark of night which will allow republicans to bring the new and unimproved version of the bill, again, now with even more back room deals, to the rules committee later today or in the dead of night and take it straight to the floor. now, apparently there's no time to even sit -- have it sit for one day so that members can read it, let alone get an analysis from the nonpartisan experts at c.b.o. are they hoping if they move quickly enough no one will figure out what they're up to? let me lay it out for everybody. essential health benefits require insurance plans to cover basic essential benefits such as emergency services, maternity care, mental health care and substance abuse treatment, pediatric services and prescription drugs. now, "the new york times" this morning pointed out this late-breaking republican proposal could lead to plans that cover aromatherapy but not chemotherapy. i mean, really?
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are republicans seriously contemplating making a change this massive without hearings, without a markup, no c.b.o. estimate of the impact, no chance to read the bill? i've seen a lot in my years here but this is truly unbelievable. you guys take my breath away. and that's not even considering the already-dangerous bill we were supposed to be down here considering right now. let me just make it clear what that bill actually is. first, it is a massive tax cut for millionaires and billionaires, paid for by taking health insurance away from 24 million people, period. anyone who takes five minutes to look at any unbiased analysis of the bill knows this is true. massive tax cuts for the well-off at the expense of 24 million people. now, let me paint a picture of how big that number is. 24 million people is basically
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the entire population of the country of australia. it is more than that live in the states of kansas, new mexico, nebraska, west virginia, idaho, hawaii, new hampshire, maine, rhode island, montana, delaware, south dakota, north dakota, alaska, vermont, wyoming and the district of columbia combined. you know, you know how i know this bill is a tax giveaway for the wealthy and it is not a health care bill? because, according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office analysis -- and this is truly incredible -- it will result in more people being uninsured than if the affordable care act were simply repealed. let that sink in for a minute. second, their bill would cause people to pay more in terms of out-of-pocket expenses. and in return they'll get lower quality health insurance. that's right. republicans are asking people to pay more for less coverage. in particular, lowering income
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and older americans will see their cost skyrocket. those people who can at least afford to pay more. third point, and this is a big one, the bill guts medicaid and medicare. now, don't take it from me. the aarp said, and i quote, this bill would weaken medicare's fiscal sustainibility, dramatically increase health care costs for americans aged 50 to 64 and put at risk the health care of millions of children and adults with disabilities and poor seniors who depend on the medicaid program for long-term services and supports and other benefits, end quote. that's the aarp. in fact, americans aged 50 to 64 will pay premiums five times higher than what others pay for health coverage no matter how healthy they are. this bill is an age tax, plain and simple, and republicans are cutting $880 billion from medicaid. that's a 25% cut in funding.
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all this to give tax cuts to the rich and to corporations. the bill must look like a cruel joke to the most vulnerable among us. representative mo brooks, a member of the republican conference, said just the other night, quote, quite frankly, i'm persuaded this republican health care bill long term is a detriment to the future of the united states of america, end quote. finally, even before imposing martial law last night, this process was horrendous. the republican majority rushed their bill through the committee process without any hearings. none. zero. just holding marathon markups where no democratic amendments were accepted. none. not one. they didn't even wait for a c.b.o. score. then when the score finally came, it showed that the bill would kick 24 million people off their insurance. did they stop then? no, of course not. yesterday in the rules committee, we rushed ahead with a cobbled together manager's
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amendment. i'm sorry, four cobbled together manager's amendments since the originals had errors and, again, no c.b.o. score on the updated bill. didn't my colleagues learn their lesson from last week? and even worse, the main manager's amendment, which we received just 36 hours before our meeting, is so full of back room deals, as i mentioned, like the buffalo bribe, cynical, likely unconstitutional agreement with waivering new york republicans who know the republican health care plan would devastate new york. and now they're saying, don't worry. if you don't like this bill, it's just step one of three. you'll get another chance to vote on health care during step three. never mind that they can't give us the full slate of bills that are part of this mysterious step three. or maybe i should just take republican senator cotton's word for it. he said, and i quote, there is no three-step plan. that is just political talk. it's just politicians engaging
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in spin, end quote. republican ted cruz from ply colleague's state of texas, called this prong of three-bucket strategy, the sucker's bucket, end quote. the sucker's bucket. that's your own member calling you a sucker if you vote for this. now, we heard testimony all day yesterday and well into the night about how disastrous this bill would be for hardworking americans. we heard about how countless major health organizations oppose this plan. from the american medical association to american hospital association to the national rural health association to the aarp, to the american society of addiction medicine to the national alliance on mental illness, and i could go on and on and on and on. this reverse robin hood will steal from the working class and give to the wealthy. under the republican plan, $2.8 billion, that is billion with a
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b, in tax breaks will go to the 400 richest families in america each year. now, my colleagues on the our side of the aisle seem to be rushing this through in hopes that no one will figure out that it's a tax break for the rich masquerading as a health care bill. and now we find ourselves on the floor debating a martial law rule that will take this reckless process from light speed to warped speed. now, let me just remind my colleagues, again, that we're talking about people's lives here. i'm pretty sure the middle-class americans, whom my republicans claim to be helping, would be ok with delaying this reckless bill for a little while to give us a chance to find out what the impacts will be. mr. speaker, this process is pail. the changes to people's basic essential health benefits are being contemplated without so much as a single hearing, let
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alone a c.b.o. score. and again, we have no real clue what republicans will be bringing to the floor later today. now, i'm just going off what i read in the news since we haven't gotten any actual updates from the other side of the aisle. but this rule would allow them to bring anything to the floor today or tomorrow or saturday or sunday or monday. literally anything. will there be a new bill? who knows. will it even be on health care? beats me. what mystery changes are they contemplating that are so broad they can't narrow their martial law authority down to the topic of health care? please, please, i would ask my colleagues to slow down, be thoughtful. this is not a game. you don't get extra points pour being fast. this -- for being fast. this health care bill affects millions upon millions upon millions of americans.
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don't jam a disastrous bill through the house with patched up fixes. wait for a revised c.b.o. score. listen to what members of your own conference is saying or better yet, don't do this at all. let's go back to the drawing board. it's clear republicans never really had a plan to replace the affordable care act. don't pretend you did and then make our most vulnerable pay the consequences. this is a sad day. this is a sad day for this institution, but it is even a sadder day for the american people. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time is reserved. the gentleman from texas. senator sessions: mr. speaker, thank you very much. mr. speaker, the chance for us to be here today means a lot of people will have a lot of opinions. and i appreciate the gentleman's opinion. he knows what we're doing. so do the american people. the american people are watching tv ander in' seeing where republicans are huddling together and pushing this activity of health care, debating ideas right before the
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american people, really hundreds of tv shows. i've been on 15 or 20 myself where i am saying that the republican replacement, repeal of obamacare is something we are taking our time to discuss. we are taking our time to make sure our colleagues understand it. we are taking time to be thoughtful. otherwise we would have just rushed it through. in fact, we took some 13 hours last night, yesterday, at the rules committee to do exactly that. ms. pelosi spent three hours before the rules committee. essentially talking about things that we see things differently. she sees things differently than we do and that's ok. gave her a chance to have a debate opportunity. this is what this is all about. does not bother me at all. mr. speaker, i ask unanimous
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consent that all members may have five legislative days to evise and extend their remarks . the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. sessions: and this will be done because we want members to also have a chance to have their thoughts and ideas on the record, to take their time to be thoughtful about what we're doing, and it does matter. mr. speaker, at this time i'd like to yield for five minutes the gentleman from collinsville, illinois, the gentleman who i came to congress with in the 105th congress, the gentleman from the 15th district of illinois, a gentleman who served our country as a veteran, west point. he's a west point graduate and he's a really good guy, the gentleman, mr. shimkus. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from illinois is recognized for five minutes. mr. shimkus: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. shimkus: thank you, mr. speaker. this is an important day. and i have great friends on the other side of the aisle.
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we debate aggressively. in fact, i see one of my colleagues from california, we spent 27 1/2 hours dealing with our committee of jurisdiction's markup of the bill. it's been a long time since obamacare was passed. seven years. and those of us on our side said, well, we didn't keep the insurance plan we were -- we said we were able to keep. we didn't get to keep the doctor that we promised we could have. we didn't save the $2,500 a month that was promised would be the savings if we passed obamacare. so i would argue, we've been very patient. seven years. and i think the public's been very patient. and the public has judged obamacare through a couple election cycles and has claimed
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failure. so we're on as we call a rescue mission because right now 25% increase in premiums on average across the country. one-third of u.s. counties only have one insurer. 4.7 million americans were kicked off their health plan. 1 trillion in new taxes. out of the 23 obamacare co-ops. i love co-ops. i'm from rural america. they're not for profit. out of the 23 obamacare cen o- -- co-ops, 18 failed. it shows you it's not working. $53 billion in new regulation ost $-- 176 million hours of paperwork.
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so what did we do? you know, republicans believe in transparency. we believe in markets. we believe in competition. we believe in what we're calling cooperative federalism, returning power to the states. we're seeing that in part of the medicaid proposals, allowing the engines of our country that states -- some have been very, very successful in reforming their medicaid program, providing first dollar coverage and some have not. hopefully they'll learn from the other states. we also want to empower the individuals in the individual markets. one-size-fits-all mandatory you have to have one of only four plans has destroyed the individual market. so seven years is too long to wait. i appreciate us moving aggressively. time is of the essence.
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we're on a rescue mission, and this is just another path in the process of repealing and replacing obamacare. and with that i thank my colleague. i thank the speaker and i yield back my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves. the gentleman from massachusetts. govegf thank you, mr. speaker. i have a lot -- mr. mcgovern: thank you, mr. speaker. i have a lot of respect for my colleague from illinois. i would say the republican plan is not a rescue mission. it's a full-fledged attack on the middle class. a rescue plan for the rich maybe, slamming the middle class with a tax hike, ripping away coverage and undermining medicare is not a rescue mission, i assure you. i've teen the town halls around the country. -- i've seen the town halls around the country. they don't want nothing to do with your rescue plan. offering plans that cost more and cover less, going after essential services, please, that's not what the american people want. to my colleague from texas, the distinguished chairman of the rules committee, i mean, he's assuring us that republicans
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are huddled somewhere. well, i got news for him. i've been reading press reports that republicans have cancelled their 9:00 a.m. conference meeting, and as i understand it, one republican member told a reporter that that move, quote, tells me it's panic time, end quote. another republican source is quote of saying, this is such a disaster. representative massie said, frankly, it's not very well thought out. so i don't think people are huddling. i think people are dispersed. so it makes me even more worried about what we're going to see later today. and by the way, all we are saying -- all we're asking is that we actually see the bill. we had a rules committee yesterday on a bill that quite frankly will not be the bill we're going to consider later today or tomorrow or saturday or sunday or monday. i mean, we're talking about health care that affects millions and millions of people and nobody in this chamber has seen what we're going to vote
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on. en what're g to vote s is ludicr ho can is b? wh areou thng? dohis right ers nru. stnompetin this is ludicrous. how can this be? what are you thinking? do this right. there's no rush. you don't compet points for being fast. and you know what -- you don't get extra points for being fast. and you know what we talk about, going after essential services that basically help the most vulnerable in this country, services like mental health treatment, treatments for opioid addiction, maternity care, i mean, essential services are being taken away. what will happen they'll say, yeah, we'll sell you insurance, it will be cheap but you'll get no coverage. nothing is covered. that's not what the american people want. mr. speaker, i'd like to yield one minute to the gentlewoman from new york, the distinguished ranking member on appropriations, mrs. lowey. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. mrs. lowey: thank you, mr. chairman, mr. ranking member.
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today, house republicans and president trump will try to keep a political promise to repeal the affordable care act despite the plainly obvious and harmful impact this bill would have on hardworking americans. it's really sad that after seven years my friends on the other side of the aisle still don't have a bill that they are publicizing, that we can read, that we can carefully analyze. it's sad that we can't work ogether on this. this republican bill would raise premiums while increasing out-of-pocket costs, forcing americans to pay more for less coverage, attack women's ealth, threaten retirement savings, force those over age 50 to pay thousands more because of the age tax and cause 14 million americans to lose health insurance next
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ear. in my district alone, mr. speaker, 76,600 -- another 30 seconds. mr. mcgovern: i yield 30 seconds. mrs. lowey: 76,600 would lose coverage, including more than ,000 children and nearly 18,000 adults with employer-sponsored coverage. this is not health reform. it's a political game. lives are at stake. i hope we vote no on this bill. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas. mr. sessions: mr. speaker, thank you very much. i'm delighted that the distinguished gentlewoman from ew york came down. she, unlike many of those in her party, are intensely interested in making sure that the american people are going to get the opportunity to have something that i have always said equal to or better han.
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nd the bottom line is that families on obamacare or the affordable care act, today, that include almost every single member of congress, including myself and my family, and the bottom line is we did not get what we were told would happen. much of, quote, the affordable care act, was not even decided and developed until after the bill was put together. we knew that ahead of time. they told us it's going to take a couple of years for us to put this together, but right now here today only 24 out of 100 physicians across this country even accept obamacare. the republican plan is not simple, but it's easy to understand and that is this, that we allow people, every
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single person, to stay on obamacare 2017, 2018 and 2019. that is undeniably in the bill and they know that. we are allowing every single american that does not today receive the tax benefit, the benefit that goes back to world war ii, an untaxed benefit by employers. we're allowing every single american family to be able to receive a tax credit. you cannot use both. you cannot double dip into another system, but we're allowing every single one of hose families that today was
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completely excluded or chose not to take obamacare to eceive a tax credit. that tax credit for families is important because today they're paying after-tax dollars if they choose to get health care. and tomorrow, what we will do is provide up to -- allow up to $8,000 for a family of four. 8,000 for a tax credit for a family effective in november of a year to be able to before they purchase their health care in january to designate the first $8,000 to the health care plan of their choice. well, that obviously doesn't fly well either. because the democrats want to tell people what they have to ave. most families don't need many things that are covered.
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why should they pay for hat? oh, because the democrat party, washington, d.c., says you have to. these essential items. no, no, no. a family will be able to make their own decisions and not pay for what they don't need. so mr. speaker, there always are at least two sides of the story. and it is true, it is true that what the republican party is going to do is to allow people to make their own choice but to give them the tools necessary. and if a family decides to do that, then they can. they decide not to, they don't have to. just like what's happening today where people are required to get health care but 30 million people are uninsured. figure that one out, mr. speaker. i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time is reserved. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: yeah, mr. speaker, the gentleman from texas says the republican bill is simple, easy to understand. my question is, where the hell
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is it? maybe it's under the table. we haven't seen it and every time we get the bill it changes. so maybe we ought to start with mr. speaker, i want to point out to my colleagues, a new analysis from the tax policy center and the urban institutes health policy center shows just how dramatically he these tax cut benefits -- how much these tax cuts benefit the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and working class families. this bill really is a giveaway to the rich. this chart clearly illustrates that disparity. the rich would benefit greatly from the tax cuts in the bill with a family making more than $200,000 receiving a $5,680 tax cut. and a family making more than $1 million a year getting a $51,410 break on their taxes. that's too high to even fit on the chart. and meanwhile, families making less than $50,000 will be paying the price. this bill really is a massive
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giveaway to the well-off and to the wealthy. this is going to hurt the middle class. this is not what the american people want. mr. speaker, i yield 1 1/2 minutes to the gentlewoman from california, ms. eshoo. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from california is recognized for 90 seconds. ms. eshoo: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank my good friend from massachusetts for yielding time to me. i never thought in coming to congress that i would be voting on legislation that would take way health insurance from 24 million americans, including my wn constituents. the speaker said that this legislation is an act of mercy. i think it's merciless. every human being has a spark of divinity in them, and we
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dishonor that with this legislation. it is not worthy of the american people. there is less coverage, higher costs, eliminating essential services, not only for what people need day-to-day but for the unexpected. that's what insurance is all about. there's a crushing age tax for people between the ages of 50 and 64. what's happened to the g.o.p.? s it now get older people? this does not deserve one vote in the house of representatives. it's shameful and it's immoral. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas. mr. sessions: thank you very much, mr. speaker. you know, mr. speaker, we have at least two different sides up here. people are entitled to believe whatever they want to believe
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and i'm entitled to the same opinion of myself also. but it's also a set of answers and facts that need to be given evidently and that is, in fact we do make changes in the bill to obamacare. we do. you see, mr. speaker, the law the way it was written we have virtually few 30-year-olds and above to 45 that actually pay for obamacare. the people we were told who needed it the most, and the reason why is because it was dictated from washington how to rate the coverage. and in rating that coverage, it became so unlogically expensive for a young person to pay an astronomical amount for their
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insurance and then in many times higher value for their deductible to where 30-year-old, 35-year-olds, 36-year-olds, 37-year-olds chose not to take the policy offered. here's what republicans do. they allow the states the flexibility to determine that what might be called the rating and it is true, it is true that now people will be rated based upon their own actuarial experience of where they are in life, their age. and mr. speaker, it is true that a 25-year-old, 30-year-old, 35-year-old needs less necessarily intricate and expensive health care and it's actuarially true that the older we get -- i celebrated my birthday yesterday.
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i get it, i am getting older and i am probably a little bit more expensive at the doctor in things that i need, especially into my future. so what we did is we said, where you have that rating system, we will allow more money through the tax credit system to adjust that so that a 50-year-old to 64-year-old will not be at a disadvantage because those, too, are the people we want in the health care plan. so we're actually going to add by making it actuarially sound and attractive to give a whole bunch of young people, younger people and we are going to recognize this balance and we're going to provide more of an incentive to balance out for those who are older.
1:06 pm
that makes sense. it is also reality-based, mr. speaker, but to say that someone is going to be paying more without us recognizing that and doing something about it would not be a fair argument. i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time is reserved. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from california, mr. hanna. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will suspend briefly. the chair will receive a message. the messenger: mr. speaker, a message from the senate. the secretary: mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: madam secretary. the secretary: i have been directed by the house to inform the house that the senate has agreed to h.j.res. 83, disapproving the rules submitted by the department of labor le relating to clarification of employers continuing obligation to make and maintain an accurate record of each recordable injury and illness. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized for one minute.
1:07 pm
mr. khanna: thank you, mr. speaker. thank you, mr. mcgovern, for your leadership and yielding. when the president campaigned, he said he wanted more benefits, more coverage and lower premiums. since he got to the white house, he said, well, health care is complicated and they have tried to create a bill with the republicans cobbling every special interest group and every faction. but the president knows it doesn't have to be complicated. he knows the solution. n 2000 he wrote that the canadian plan, single-payer plan, helps canadians live longer and healthier than americans. there are fewer medical lawsuits, less loss of labor to sickness and lower cost to companies for paying for medical care for their employees. he wrote further, that we as a nation need to re-examine the single-payer plan, and he advocated for a single-payer plan.
1:08 pm
mr. president, what has changed? you know what the solution is. if you're serious about health care, work with folks like senator sanders, congressman welch and others and offer a real solution to the american people. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas. mr. sessions: mr. speaker, i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time is reserve. gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: i yield one minute zwroo. rhode island, mr. cicilline. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from rhode island is recognized for one minute. mr. cicilline: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman for yielding. we have heard this legislation described as a rescue mission and act of mercy. don't insult the intelligence of the american people. this bill is the cruelest and most immoral piece of legislation i have seen since i arrived in congress. it will rip insurance from 24 million hardworking americans, including 60,000 rhode islanders. it will put $600 billion in tax breaks into the hands of the powerful, wealthy special interest. this is not a health care bill. this is a tax cut bill. let's call it what it is.
1:09 pm
it's going to produce higher costs, higher premiums, more out-of-pocket expenses. it imposes a crushing age tax on older americans. it ransacks funds that seniors rely on for long-term care. and it will destroy nearly two million jobs. all of this harm to the american people to settle a political score and to reward your friends and wealthy special interests. shame on president trump. and shame on the republican party for doing this to the american people. with that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas. le mr. sessions: thank you very much. what a shame the gentleman was not here to vote for the affordable care act when it took hold several years ago and he would have known it is a bad deal. mr. speaker, even the american people cannot be fooled. the american people saw obamacare, the affordable care act, waste billions of dollars simply to try and put together a computer system.
1:10 pm
mr. speaker, the american people understand it was a tax bill. it is about using the i.r.s. and they were going to add 17,000 employees literally to beat the brains out of the american peoplep -- people, to force them into having health care from washington. mr. speaker, no wonder republicans won the majority several years ago. no wonder republicans have saved the american people not only from the i.r.s. but the massive taxes that were embedded within this huge government takeover of our health care system. and the bottom line is, my colleagues have not yet met a tax they wouldn't be for. they have not yet built and grown these massive government organizations to the tune that
1:11 pm
they want to force the american people to do things. and they are having a difficult time understanding today why the american people, if given a choice and an opportunity, and advantage that would be fair for all americans to have a tax credit. why that is something that people really want to see. mr. speaker, mr. trump may or may not have contemplated every single part of the health care issue. but i'll tell you what he did understand. and that is draining the swamp from a system that takes away your freedom, saps the economic growth and vitality of this contry, and one that empowers the internal revenue service is
1:12 pm
a bad idea. mr. speaker, having the qualify by going to the i.r.s. to look at your records first to determine whether you qualify for a subsidy should be an embarrassment, and it was seen that way by the american people. to guess at how much money and work you would have during the year and then if you're wrong, pay up. mr. speaker, it was a system that did not work because many, many, many physicians across this country and many hospitals simply do not take obamacare. they are acting like it was a gift from god. mr. speaker, it did not work. it does not work. and the republican party is going to find a way and we're going to get our act together and we're going to gleefully go
1:13 pm
and do the right thing. it's a process, mr. speaker. it's a long process. it actually does take the house, the senate, and the president. and we're going to get our job done. i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time is reserved. let me remind the gentleman he has 10 minutes remaining in this debate. the gentleman from texas has three. the gentleman is recognized. mr. mcgovern: thank you, mr. speaker. i feel bad for the gentleman from texas for having to defend this lousy rule and bill all by himself. we have so many speakers here we don't have enough time to accommodate them all i would yield one minute to the gentleman from california, mr. mcnerney. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized for one minute. mr. mcnerney: i thank the gentleman from massachusetts. i want to say, mr. speaker, since the a.c.a. was enacted, california's uninsured rate has dropped by 54%. over 263,000 people are getting coverage in the three counties in my district. now my republican colleagues want to surpass a replacement bill that will strip away health care from 24 million
1:14 pm
people. americans. trumpcare guts medicare program and creates a new prebroken system that rations health care for more than 76 million americans. in my district alone, more than 64,000 people will lose coverage because of the provisions of the republican replacement bill. it will take money away from our hospitals. eliminate 4,000 jobs in san joaquin valley alone. working and middle class families will be forced to pay more for less. this will increase health care costs and decrease the quality of coverage available. americans deserve access to quality health care coverage and health care that they can afford. i ask my republican colleagues to withdraw this terrible bill and work across the aisle for once to improve the a.c.a. that benefits all americans. i strongly oppose this bill. and urge my colleagues to vote no. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas. mr. sessions: i reserve my
1:15 pm
time. the speaker pro tempore: reserves his time. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: i yield one minute to the gentleman from maryland, mr. raskin. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland is recognized for one minute. mr. raskin: mr. mcgovern, thank you very much. mr. speaker, we're here to discuss the rule for voting on trumpcare, ryancare, whatever they are calling it today based on whoever's billing to put their name to t but we learn upon arrival, the rules are, there are no rules. it's lord of the flies day here in the house of representatives. they want to make us vote on bill that no one's even read. no one can find it. anything goes. the whole process has been a disaster. a debacle. a mockery of democracy. no hearings. no witnesses. no experts, no process, no deliberation, and now no bill even. but the american people are saying no way. the polls show people are turning dramatically against that wreck of legislation that is missing washington today. yesterday we heard about the buffalo bribe. the hudson hustle.
1:16 pm
the kinderhook kick back. every men manner to try to round up votes from members who know their political careers are in danger for going anywhere near this bill. what do they propose to do? we know they want to kick 24 million americans off their health care. destroy planned parenthood and transfer $600 billion up the wealth ladder in the united states. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for an additional 30 seconds. mr. raskin: thank you very much. this legislation, however it turns out today, will crash the system. which is what their chief strategist, steve bannon, has said he wants to do. if a foreign power like the russians proposed to do this to america, we would consider it an act of aggression and war against the american people. this bill is not a rescue mission as they say. it is a wrecking ball and we should put it to bed once and for all today. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: i yield one
1:17 pm
minute, mr. speaker, to the gentleman from vermont, mr. welch. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from vermont is recognized for one minute. mr. welch: mr. speaker, to my friends in the republican side, you have the perfect bill. it cuts taxes $800 billion. largely at the high end. it cuts 24 million people off of health care. and it ends the medicaid entitlement. what's the problem? bring your bill up here. now, what you have is not a health care bill, you have a tax cut bill masquerading as a health care bill and your hesitation is the collateral damage that you're going to do to the people who voted for you will become clear. to the hospitals in rural america, we need, that damage will be-l become clear. to the folks 50 to 64 who are going to get hammered, hammered at a point in their life when more than ever they need health care, you're going to stick it to them. the people who supported you,
1:18 pm
the people who believed in you are the people you are turning your back on. i say bring your bill up here. vote it. take ownership of what it is you are doing. i welcome your courage in telling rural america that they don't matter. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. members are also advised to direct your remarks to the chair. to the chair. thank you. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: i yield one minute to the the gentlewoman from florida, ms. castor. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from florida is recognized for one minute. ms. castor: i thank the gentleman. i' compelled to come to the floor this morning to urge my republican colleagues to stop hiding the trumpcare bill. the american people and their representatives deserve to know what is in the bill. but here's what we know so far. it rips coverage away from millions of our neighbors back home. it is a massive cost increase
1:19 pm
for people's insurance whether you have it through health care dot-gov or private employer. it imposes a significant age tax on our older neighbors back home. it cuts medicare. shortens the life of the medicare trust fund. it breaks the fundamental guarantee we have with our neighbors back home who are alzheimer's patients, children with complex conditions, the disabled under medicaid. all to give a massive tax break to the wealthiest, wealthiest folks in america. that is a failure in vision. it's a failure in values. and this bill should be hidden foreforever. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: i yield one minute to the gentlewoman from new york, miss maloney. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york is recognized for one minute. mrs. maloney: mr. saker,h meilssill iniy
1:20 pm
calledlth re bilould be distrs fothis nt's hend especially haful mr. speaker, this would be a disastrous bill to my people in new york. it would not expand health care as promised t would hip away -- rip away health care insurance from 24 million people, including 2.7 million in new york city, people who already have health care. and it will not make premiums more affordable as promised. it will, instead, raise premiums across this make. premiums in new york will go up an estimated 1,000 next year alone. and it cuts all federal funding for a year for planned parenthood clinics, which serves women in need across this country. and to make an already bad bill even worse, this bill cuts nearly $5 billion in funding for new york's hospitals that serve some of our most vulnerable people. voting for this bill is voting to cause sure and certain harm
1:21 pm
to millions of americans. i urge a no vote. the eaker pro tempore: gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: i yield one minute to the gentleman from texas, mr. doggett. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. mr. doggett: a bill so bad it was kept under lock and key, hidden from democrats and republicans, who would not pledge of allegiance -- pledge allegiance to it. a bill so destructive no witness would come to defen or explain it in all night committee sessions. a bill jammed through this house logically you would expect this special rule to jam it through today. what is the stake here? it's not only the crumbling and destruction of health care, but it is a crumbling of our democratcy. -- democratcy. our republican colleagues need to remember this is washington,
1:22 pm
not moscow. this is a congress, not the duma. we deserve a fair consideration of this bill. open to discussion because of its impact on millions of americans who will lose their access to a family physician. these heavy-handed tactics reflect the fear of the american public getting an opportunity to look thoroughly at this bill and understand what it does to each family affected. i urge rejection of the rule. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves. the gentleman from massachusetts. the chair reminds both sides the majority side has three minutes remaining. the minority side has 3 1/2 minutes remaining. mr. mcgovern: mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from georgia, mr. johnson. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia is recognized for one minute. mr. johnson: thank you, mr. speaker. today the republicans are doing something that goes against
1:23 pm
what was promised in the campaign and that was that everyone would have insurance. the insurance would be better and it would cost less. but instead we're going in the opposite direction. less people are going to have insurance. 24 million being kicked off is going to cost more for the insurance, and you're going to get less insurance coverage for what you're paying for. it's a total disaster what they are trying to do here. today they are going to meet with the freedom caucus at 11:30, i understand, over at the white house, so the bill is going to get worse. can you imagine that? if you got fooled the first time, don't get fooled again. if someone tells you something that you know is not true, or that you thought was true and you find out it's not true, don't fall for it again, ladies and gentlemen. it's time for change in america. thank you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas continues to reserve. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: could i inquire
1:24 pm
of the gentleman from texas how many more speakers he has on his side? mr. sessions: i appreciate the gentleman asking. we have no additional speakers except myself who will close for the republican party. mr. mcgovern: thank you. mr. speaker, i want to ask unanimous consent to enter into the record the article from today's "new york times" entitled "late g.o.p. proposal could mean plans that cover aroma therapy but not chemotherapy." the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. mcgovern: i would be delighted if we had actual text to look at right now. instead we're forced to read records. this article i have in the record quotes a harvard professor who says think of this, if you have rheumatoid arthritis you should pay $30 provision. the article says we can go back to the world where insurers can tell the mother of a mentally ill child child she couldn't buy insurance. it's ironic the republicans want to take away a woman's choice about a pregnancy, and take away any insurance she
1:25 pm
needs for prenatal care or maternity care. what are we doing here, mr. speaker? what will we be asked to vote on later today? if these sort of dangerous ideas are being considered, we and the american people deserve to know. 24 million americans are going to lose their insurance under the proposal that the republicans are considering. people will pay more and get less. there will be huge tax cuts for the rich. and we don't even -- we don't even have the final text. this is awful. this is unacceptable. i will remind my colleagues that this is about the american people. put the people of this country aheffed your party, ahead of your ideology, and ahead of this president who just discovered that health care was complicated. this is a life or deathish smue for many in this country -- death issue for many in this country. don't take itway from people. let's work in bipartisan way to make the improvements in the affordable care act that we know need to be made. don't just tear apart a health care system that's providing an
1:26 pm
additional 20 million americans health insurance. please don't do this. slow down. provide us the text of the bill. let's have hearings. let's bring the american people into the congress and listen to what they have to say. listen to their own constituents. they don't want what you're selling here today. they don't want your rescue plan. they want health care for them and their families. that's what they deserve. please vote down this martial law rule and go back to the drawing board. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from texas with three minutes to close. mr. sections: mr. speaker, thank you very much. seven years ago, mr. speaker, this town was abuzz with this new health care plan. the affordable care act that was signed by the president of the united states. we were promised enormous opportunity to make health care better. mr. speaker, fortunately the american people had a chance to make a decision and the
1:27 pm
american people after watching and seeing not only people incapable of putting databases together, incapable of understanding marketplaces, incapable of understanding the limits of the american people's really need to understand and have a bert health care system, gave up on -- better health care system, gave up on obamacare, the affordable care act. they gave up on it because after seven long years they understood it simply didn't equal what they were sold. republican party is selling what we believe in and this is the beginning of that sell. it's a beginning of an understanding for most members of this body and the american people to understand you can
1:28 pm
keep your own doctor. you can keep your own health care plan. but you, too, can make your own decisions. you can become a consumer. oh, my gosh, somebody from washington isn't going to tell us exactly what to do. let's scare everybody, let's make them think that the american people can't make their own decisions without the i.r.s. or washington telling them what to do. i understand there is some frustrations. i get that. i could be frustrated. i'm not. it is true last week i health held a town hall meeting in dallas, texas. it is true a bunch of people yelled and screamed at me. they simply wanted to know, yes or no. yes or not. mr. speaker, policy is not like that in our country.
1:29 pm
republican party does hope people -- hold people thoughts and ideas and plans and we will have the bill and when we do it, we will own it. and we'll be proud of it. >> that's where things stand as of about 10:30 this morning. the house finishing debate on that same day rule that would allow the health care legislation to come up any time between now and monday giving the leadership certainly more wiggle room or flexibility in bringing up that legislation. the house speaker, paul ryan, has postponed his weekly briefing until we expect, 3:30 this afternoon. that, too, could change. the freedom caucus, the house freedom caucus, has wrapped up their meeting with president trump in the white house and meetings continue on capitol hill with leadership on what's ahead for the republican health care legislation. a couple of reports via at this time twither, susan from the washington examiner tweeting that the freedom caucus post white house meeting, no definitive deal according to freedom caucus member who spoke
1:30 pm
to participants, jackie, tweeting for the daily beast, saying patrick mchenry a. deputy whip tells reporter the freedom caucus has the final offer up to them to accept or eject. chad saying a big meeting now between the majority, majority whip, and patrick mchenry, the deputy whip. also jesse hellman who covers health care for the hill saying phil roe f texas, looks unlikely there is a vote today. says friday based on suggestions with committee chairs and kevin mccarthy. one more report from scott wong with the hill on a decision on whether they return today for debate or -- he says i expect a decision will be made in the next hour as they assess the white house freedom tauks meeting where no final deal was reached. we'll keep you posted. we aim to thank you live as we can to the white house briefing for an update from sean spicer
1:31 pm
in a little bit. again expecting to hear from house speaker paul ryan this afternoon at 3:30 eastern. of course if the house returns we will have live coverage here on c-span. we're also getting reaction to the story yesterday that terrorist attack in london that killed four and injured 40. british foreign secretary boris johnson, who was in washington yesterday for meetings at the state department with secretary tillerson, in new york today at the united nations with a statement on yesterday's ttack. >> good afternoon. yesterday the people of london were attacked in a cowardly and a despicable way and our thoughts today are with the victims and their families. and on behalf of the united kingdom, i am grateful for all the condolences that have been expressed here at the.n


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